How to Build an Effective Team with Emily Perron


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If hiring and building a team for your business were easy, everyone would be excited to do it.

The problem with continuing to do all the things in your business is that as you grow, you will quickly head toward burnout if you don’t outsource some things.

Maybe you already have a partial team in place but you know you need to add to them. But the stress you experienced when finding those team members was enough to make you not want to do it again.

The thing is, when it comes to taking your business to the next level, you have to begin to outsource some of the things you are currently doing so that you can focus on the things that make money.

Emily Perron will be sharing her 5-step strategic hiring process with us today. Emily has years of experience hiring and managing employees at both the corporate and entrepreneurial level. She also hires employees and freelancers for online entrepreneurs.

Let’s jump right into her strategy for building a team you can count on!


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