Making Sales as a Small Business Owner


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In this episode, we are talking about making sales. You may be wondering why you need to make sales. Making sales might seem silly to you, because you’re trying to have an influence on people, or maybe making sales just makes you feel icky.

I want to make you feel comfortable and confident. I hope to help you start thinking about making sales as another way to have influence.

Before I dive into that, let me tell you that the tickets for my own live event, Influencer Entrepreneurs Academy, are going fast.

This event is being held in Charlotte, NC in the spring of 2020. The conference will be filled with speakers teaching and then time for you to put their strategies into action in your own business.

Rather than spending 2 days taking furious notes while speakers talk fast, each attendee will be put into a mastermind group of other women. You will sit with these women and you will all work together to help each other implement the lessons. If you haven’t gotten your tickets, do it today.


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