9. How the NIST Cybersecurity Framework Helps You Stop Today’s Cyberthreats


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DNS, DHCP, IPAM — most people within IT understand how these ensure connectivity. But they can, and should, also be leveraged as the major defenses for your network.

On this episode of the ThreatTalk podcast, Krupa Srivatsan joined us to discuss the security defense methodologies inherent within DHS, DHCP, & IPAM.

Krupa is the Director of Product Marketing at Infoblox. She has an MBA from Berkeley, and has worked with Pfizer, Agilent, Cisco Systems, and others.

What we talked about:

  • IOT
  • Network Insights — key feature of Infoblox’s security system
  • NetMRI
  • NIST core functions
  • Improving branch officer experience
  • Multi Cloud

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