5 Signs That You Need An Independent Financial Advisor - Podcast 164


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As of March 31st 2020 new Central Bank of Ireland rules will mean that only a financial advice firm that does not receive commissions from sales of products will be entitled to state they are an 'Independent Financial Advisor' in Ireland. These firms (of which Informed Decisions is one of a handful in the country), will be entitled to use the term 'Independent' in describing their service. That will see quite a few firms which currently use the term Independent having to get websites altered and cabinet-fulls of marketing materials re-printed. It is intended, I understand, to help consumers more easily identify what type of advice they are likely to receive, based on the firms' description. I've said it before and I'll say it again, there are hundreds of really great advisors in Ireland - irrespective of what title they go by. You and your financial future stand to do far far better with even an average advisor than with no advisor - that fact has been proven time and time again.

Anyway, back on track, this week I hope to share with you 5 signs that suggest you need to engage an Independent Financial Advisor. The 5 signs that I am about to share, while I might like to think so, is not an exhaustive list, and is based on my own experience working with valued clients directly, and also with Independent Financial Advisors across the country. Everyone will have their own individual motive and driver for seeking financial advice, but the following will perhaps help guide you if you find yourself with one of these headaches.

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