Podcast 159: Finding Financial Advice in Ireland


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Looking for Financial Advice in Ireland you can trust? A few weeks ago I did a piece on finding 'Independent Advice in Ireland', this week I intend to share some ideas that might help you evaluate a firm before engaging them.

"I just checked my investment portfolio - now I know why they call them Brokers" - anonymous. I came across that quote in a sketch cartoon recently and found it amusing. With MSCI Index up over 20% so far this year it's not really applicable however!

Perhaps you already have an advisor but are unclear about their intent, fees or abilities. You may have had several over the years but none really 'did it' for you! Or perhaps you are thinking about engaging one for the first time. I hope this piece will help a little.

I fully accept also that being a fully independent fee-based advisor, I will carry some biases here - but as always I'll tell it as I see it.


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