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Welcome back to Ireland's award-winning & independent Financial Planning blog and podcast. We are on a mission to share ideas and educate people to avoid mistakes and make decisions that will benefit them in the future. Drop me an email here with any of your ideas or feedback on making the site/podcast better, would love to hear from you.

For a while now I have been really keen to get a 'non-advisor' to tell us what has changed in recent years in the UK in the financial advice arena, and how that has impacted consumers like you and I. The reason I have been keen to get speaking to a non-advisor is because advisors can have tainted views of things particularly when it comes to regulatory change etc, understandably they don't always like it!

Rory Percival is the person for the job here, as a former FCA regulator and now running a Consultancy and speaking business that helps advice firms to stay abreast of regulatory change, there aren't too many others as well placed to share some insight with us.

We have a fairly broad-ranging conversation covering some questions like:

What has changed in recent years in financial services and advice?

What lessons can we learn about transferring defined benefit pension scheme?

How are people protected when it comes to seeking advice and is that advice up to scratch?

Should I transfer out of my defined benefit scheme, and if so what should I look out for?

What are investment platforms and can they be trusted?

Be sure to listen to the end where Rory shares his top tips for people in how to best manage income in retirement, and ensure that they have the best chanve of maintaining lifestyle in retirement.

Have a hugely Merry Christmas and see you in 2019!

Paddy Delaney



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