Podcast136: The 5 Common Retirement Planning Mistakes


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ARFs, AMRFs, AVCs, Annuities all form part of retirement planning, but as usual there's far more to it than products! Welcome back to Informed Decisions Finance Blog.

As part of my own motive to share information and to help others with their financial education I am a volunteer representative of the CCPC (State body that aims to help consumers, check out their website - tons of useful resources). I was delivering a talk to a large group last week in Dundalk, at the end of which we have time for Q&A. What struck me was that most of the questions relate to retirement planning, and indeed how to ensure that the planning we do is effective and of value to us when we get to the 'spending' phase after retirement. What also struck me is that in the past I have typically varied our topics, jumping from beginning to invest, to managing existing investments, regular savings, borrowings, mindset, education etc.

Based on feedback and also based on this recent experience the Blog will take a fairly heavy retirement-planning and indeed income-planning slant over the coming weeks at least. Having said that I hope to share ideas that are as relevant to those that are in 'accumulation' phase (mid-career) as much as it does to those that are in the 'spending' phase (retired or close to it!).


I was talking to a friend of the family a few weeks back, recently retired and full of energy. This lady loves life, has a huge network of friends and family and is looking forward to hopefully many years of good times! When she asked me 'what are you doing these days' and I proceeded to tell her, she informed me that she has only 1 major regret, that she didn't plan a little better financially for her retirement. She doesn't have as much income as she would like in order to do the stuff she would like. It got me to thinking, about my own situation, and indeed of the situations of many people that I have come across over the years who have one eye on their graduation from full-time employment to a more leisure-based lifestyle!

We all obviously have differing circumstances and different opportunities and constraints however there are at least 5 pretty common mistakes I have seen happen again and again. Here I share the culmination of those thoughts, into '5 common retirement planning mistakes', in the hope that they might be of value to you, or indeed to your loved-ones.

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