Podcast139: A Life Changing Sum Of Money


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Welcome back to Informed Decisions with me, Paddy Delaney!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that the coming 'season' would be focused on how to prepare for and importantly, navigate our incomes in retirement. It's not that I am breaking a promise but this week I want to take a very slight diversion from that, for two very valid reasons a) an article I wrote was published int he Sunday Times this week, and b) I didn't allow myself sufficient time this week to complete the next piece as fully as I had hoped.....so you'll have to wait till next week for that one I'm afraid! Sorry!

It is not everyday that someone like you and I gets a full article published in one of the main weekend papers - and for someone that has been an admirer of these papers, and of the people who write articles in them, it was a big deal! So I'd love to share the article with you, in the hope that it is of value.

Before I do that I have an ask of you. I have been blogging and podcasting (or 'casting pods' as my mate Lenny calls it!) for 3 years now. I absolutely love writing and creating the Blog every week, get tons of feedback and emails from people, and indeed some of you have become hugely valued clients who I work with on an on-going basis.

During the 3 years I have had a strong desire to do more, to reach out and connect personally, to perhaps meet as part of a group or community of sorts. In my mind at least there is nothing more rewarding than spending time with people who are interested in similar things and sharing ideas, forming new relationships, and learning from each other.

With that in mind, if you are reading this in June or July of 2019, I would really love your thoughts on the following:

If I were to host a Personal Finance/Investing/Retirement conference, meeting or Webinar, would you be interested in attending? If so, have you any suggestions on the specific topics or aspects you feel would be of most value and importance to you?

I have some ideas on what I feel would be of value to people, and based on my own years as a facilitator and coach feel would be able to bring something of real value - the question in my mind however, would there be anyone else there apart from me!? So who better to ask than you, my supporters. Would love you thoughts, email me here with your thoughts.

Pause me, reflect on this, would you attend, and what topics or format would be of value to you? Let me know either way! Once you've that done have a read of the following Sunday Times article as of 2nd June 2019.

The Generation Game… click here to read full article.

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