Podcast147: How Early Can I Retire?


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Welcome back to the #1 Investment and Retirement Planning Blog & Podcast in Ireland. Of late our focus has been very much around preparing our finances in advance of, and indeed after we leave full-time employment. Some people call it retirement, other people don't like that term (hear Fin's interview here!).

This week, as promised we will explore that big question for many, When can I retire? A few readers got in touch after Blog 118, where we looked at maximising the income you achieve from an ARF. They were asking why not just retire earlier? So here we go!

Oh, for those of you that don't like the term 'retirement' I'm delighted to share an alternative! I came work by a US guy, Don Ezra recently. All about preparing for retirement. He calls retirement phase 'Life Two'. He suggests it came about when the accronym for 'Life After Full Time Work' (LAFTWO) was converted into 'Life Two'. I like it! I also like 'Accumulation' phase and 'Spending' phase however if you are anything like many who find their calling in Life Two you may find yourself so busy that you don't have much time for spending!

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