Leveraging IT Managed Services to Reduce the Noise & Deliver a Cloud-like Experience Anywhere


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As discussed in Episode #8, one of the biggest problems companies are facing today is the IT staffing shortage. Many rely on IT more and more to run their business, but there just aren’t enough IT professionals to fill the jobs. The rush to the public cloud eliminated the jobs of a lot of talented IT administrators and managers. Those people had the institutional knowledge that literally kept the lights on for their organizations on a day-to-day basis. Moving to the cloud didn’t eliminate the need for top talent, it actually exacerbated it. Now IT professionals need to manage different things that are somewhat new to them and not entirely in their control. More things to manage with less people to manage them eventually leads to employee burnout. Key employees working just about every night and weekend has led to a mass employee resignation. It’s not sustainable and it represents a growing crisis in the industry. In this episode, Host Paul O’Dell and CPP Director of Professional Services Mike Maher discuss how you can leverage IT managed services to truly provide the 24/7 high end technical experience your business requires without the employee burn out. They finish the episode with a review of the newly released prequel to the hit TV series, The Sopranos, “The Many Saints of Newark,” as only New Jersey natives can do.

Host: Paul O’Dell, Partner, CPP Associates

Special Guests:

■ Mike Maher, Director of Professional Services, CPP Associates
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelmaherny/

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