The Colonial Pipeline Cyber-Terror Attack: Did We Really Need Another Wake-up Call?


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Just as we were starting to wrap our heads around the size and scope of the SolarWinds attack from 2020, the Colonial Pipeline cyber-terror breach steps in to give us yet another wake-up call. This time, almost half of the entire U.S. Eastern Coast was impacted, as fuel supplies were halted for more than a week while the pipeline operator was negotiating ransomware with the cyber-criminals. In this episode, host Paul O’Dell and CPP Director of Professional Services, Mike Maher, break down the attack itself, as well as the aftermath. From there, they outline specific measures that every company should take to secure their infrastructure and the valuable assets – customer data, trade secrets, financial accounts, etc. --- contained therein.
Host: Paul O’Dell, Partner, CPP Associates

Special Guests:

■ Mike Maher, Director of Professional Services, CPP Associates

Local Businesses that received a “shout out” from today’s guests

Samuel Sweets, Rhinebeck, New York (Mike)

Quality Greens Kitchen, Hoboken, New York (Paul)

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