Too Many Tools…Not Enough Staff (Tanium to the Rescue)


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If you are in and around the technology sector, you hear about two things every day. Another technology hack and a shortage in IT staff. The third thing you hear about is another tool to help you solve problems, which leads to what we call “tool sprawl.” You have never-ending security threats which are the result of unmanaged infrastructure because of lack of staff and more tools than people in a lot of companies. The end result is a mess and a bad one.

Today’s discussion will be centered around a way to get started to bring some normalcy to the IT Security/Operations (SecOps) issue. We’ll introduce you to Tanium, which is a “Swiss Army Knife” that can end tool sprawl and allow you to regain control. Tanium calls it the power of certainty.

Host: Paul O’Dell, Partner, CPP Associates

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