Episode 43: June 12, 2019 - Sickle Cell Disease: My Story


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Sickle cell disease is a family of blood disorders that affects the hemoglobin molecule in red blood cells, and impacts approximately 80,000 individuals in the United States. It’s the most common inherited blood disorder in this country, affecting 1 in 500 African Americans and 1 in 1000-1400 Hispanic Americans. In sickle cell disease, the hemoglobin molecules are atypical and change into a crescent—or sickle—shape. Those living with sickle cell disease often experience episodes of severe pain and suffer the effects of anemia, which causes extreme fatigue, shortness of breath and, in children, delayed growth and development. In adults, serious complications may include pulmonary hypertension, a form of high blood pressure that affects the blood vessels that supply the lung. Podcast guest Kelsey Taylor describes her experiences living with the disease, and explains how she works to advocate for those who experience sickle cell and other chronic conditions.

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