Episode 4: "Modern Family" star Ty Burrell is helping restaurant and bar employees with Tip Your Server


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Ever since actor and comedian Ty Burrell first visited Salt Lake City, he knew there was something different about the place. Over time, the “Modern Family” star has adopted Utah as his home. He joined the show to talk about his new initiative Tip Your Server.

Here’s a rundown of this week’s episode:

1:15 — Lessons learned from last week’s guest, fitness guru Kelsey Wells.

4:00 — How Joe and Renae set personal goals

7:00 — Why is Joe so bad at taking out the trash?

9:00 — Ty Burrell joins the podcast

10:30 — What attracted Burrell to Utah in the first place? And where is he moving after quarantine ends?

12:00 — Joe and Ty both moved to Salt Lake without a guaranteed deal

14:30 — Why Burrell stopped watching Jazz-Blazers games

17:40 — Bar X, Beer Bar and the growth of Salt Lake’s nightlife

25:00 — Hospitality in the time of Covid

Donate to Tip Your Server at http://www.downtownslc.org

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