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The Treksperts are joined by the incomparable JEFFREY COMBS as he discusses his remarkable career as the Mark Lenard of modern Star Trek along with his legendary horror films. If you're a fan of this versatile actor, you don't want to miss this candid conversation with the great Jeffrey Combs and special guests ASHLEY E. MILLER (Thor, X-Men: First Class) and ROBERT MEYER BURNETT (ST: TNG Blu-Ray Special Editions). Don't miss the Treksperts LIVE at San Diego COMIC-CON on Thursday, July 18th. And if you're a sci-fi fan, check out PANDORA, starting July 16th at 8 PM on the CW from creator/exeuctive producer Mark A. Altman. #StarTrek #TOS #TNG #DS9 #Enterprise

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