11: Get a Q-Tip in that Ass & Hoe Safely (IHU LIVE)


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Sexual Health Educators Omotayo, Janelle, and Alex join IHU live to talk about how to hoe safely. This episode was recorded live at the Not Yet Series’ Sex Positivity Showcase


What’s the difference between STI’s and STD’s, How long should you wait to have Sex after STI treatment? Re-Testing, Anti-biotic Resistant Gonorrhea, What are the most common kinds of STIs? Mycoplasma Genitalium is a thing, How often should you be getting tested?Sight specific STIs and testing, Can you get tested too often? Do we All Have Herpes? Why is Herpes so stigmatized? HIV Transmission Risks, Why do some STIs increase the risk of HIV Transmission?Common Modes of STI Transmission, What are some STI Symptoms? How do you properly use a condom? How do you prevent STIs? Shortcomings of sexual health service providers and programs, How to find a sex positive doctor? Modes of HIV Transmission, Are there HIV symptoms? How to make your HIV test less stressful? How to make a Dental Dam? How to find HIV free and low cost Testing resources? What to do if you test positive for HIV? What is an HIV treatment regimen like? How to have a fulfilling sex life whilst living with HIV? What to do when your partner is HIV positive? What are PEP and PREP? Can you be re-infected with HIV?

When does HIV progress into AIDS? How do uninsured folks get treated for HIV? Who should take PEP and PREP? Does PREP have side effects? What are the rates of STIs and HIV amongst black women? What does MSM mean? How do people who engage in penis-less sex practice safer sex? The Biggest predictor of HIV infection, & Why are HIV rates so high in Black Women?


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