38: QUILTBANG Mailbag


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Akua and Sam read and answer your Pride themed listener letters.

Bae(s) of The Week: Money and Ari Fitz

Hoe(s) of the Week: Everyone who attended IHU Live, Estephanie, Gene Graham and the cast of This One’s For the Ladies, Sam, Kim, Kewzt, Michael H, Apple Podcast homies,

Self Care Tips: Self Care and Meditation Apps (Akua is using Shine)

Akua’s Date Tip of the Week: Go on the actual date

Fuck You (Your Lives):
Akua and Sam spend the majority of this episode reading and responding to your listener letters. Some letter topics include:

How to be Queer and live with a homophobic family?
How to deal with being the intermediary between toxic parents?
How to deal with jealous in a non-exclusive situation?
Should I come out to my Bible Belt Baptist Family?
Do men and women date differently?
What kinds of things should I include in the “sex talk” with my child?
Talking to your kids about genital cleanliness, anatomy, porn, pleasure, the HPV vaccine, STDS
A discussion on decolonizing our language
Coping with Female Genital Mutilation
When people are fucking in the back of your Lyft
The most lovely wholesome threesome

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QueerWOC: https://queerwoc.com/

Bubbles Starring Laith Ashley and Kiera Please Directed by Ari Fitz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkn9eJa1oXk

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Marsha’s Plate Episode: https://soundcloud.com/danella-xuc/76-bigots-birds-and-the-beesTime stamp: 1:14:57- 1:59:51
Lists of things should be included beginning at 1:45


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Opening: “Queen S%!T” by SheReal

Fuck You: “Keeping it Cool Witchu” Chhoti Maa
End: “Yeah Yeah” Abstract Fish Co


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