39: Hot Human Summer


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On our season 5 finale episode, the hoes shoot the shit about yeast infections, limerence, insecurities, street harassment, hypoactive sexual disorder, cute dates and more. We'll be back in August, enjoy your summer's loves!

Bae(s) of The Week: Ajay Holbrook & @aniseliketheseed

Hoe(s) of the Week: Spark Star Academy, Elizabeth, & Juanita and Karima of “We know how to do this” podcast plus a shout out to our homegirls Queen and J.

Self Care Tips: How to identify and protect yourself against yeast infections anywhere on and in your body

Date Tip of the Week: Go on a road trip, take a date together, & check out @JayMFKay’s cheap date list

Fuck That (Current Events): There’s a new drug for people with Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder
Fuck Me (Our Lives):
Akua has evolved past sexual desire and has a fear of fetishizing other queer people while attempting to date folks. Plus she gives thought about disclosing her demisexuality and gives some cautionary hoe tips for summer

Rob feels insecure in their relationship and has decided to close it and reminds us that your summer doesn’t have to be a “hot” one and that’s okay.

Sam gives a breakdown of the term limerence and explains why you can’t get over that shitty person you used to date. She also gives an aggressive reminder for folks to not harass others this summer and to step in when you see someone getting harassed. Plus she gives us some advice on how to get out there this summer.

Fuck You (Your Lives):
Why are studs uncomfortable with me touching them? And some advice on how to get into the POC BDSM scene in NYC

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Opening: “Queen S%!T” by SheReal

Fuck That: “Keeping it Cool Witchu” Chhoti Maa
Fuck Me: "Party on the Weekend" King Kam X DVRKAMBR

Fuck You: "Chandelier" Dramangar
End: “Yeah Yeah” Abstract Fish Co


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