46: Your Big T*tty Goth Joyfriend


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Your Big Titty Goth JoyFriend

This week Zuri Love -- a Black non-binary goth nerdy babe chats with Akua and Sam about escorting, full service sex work, companionship, and other forms of sex work.

Bae(s) of The Week: Marquise Wilson

Hoe(s) of the Week: Vicki W, Carly, Jason G, Destiny E, Rosemary & KWezt, Tampa Hoes
Notorious Vick, The Lone Ranger, Clit tv, and our potential people from Virginia, @daninicole, @_dooleynoted_, @NikaMiraEst, @HighQPersephone (asha), djyellabone, Joi_not_joi, Imsolovelee, tiffpeso, @anaspanikopita, @butimvikki, @GGEastLDN, @NotGeauxGabby, @MostDopeDanay, @ambivalentaddis, @LocGoody, @I_am_NJS, @MissxLita

Self Care Tips: Put sleep, dates, getting together with friends and other enjoyable activities into your to-do list

Cute Date Idea: Grabs some disposable cameras and go on a photo walk

And if you’re in the NYC Long Island area hit up the A Kitten Kadoodle Coffee Cafe

Fuck It (Topic of the Day): Zuri Love chats with the hoes about their experiences as an escort and companion.
Points of discussion include:
The definitions ofDate Mate, Escort and Companion; Sites and apps like craigslist, tinder, eros, backpage, twitter, snapchat, onlyfans, and instagram; Fatphobia, racism and misogynoir in sex work; the importance of fostering community as a sex worker; the physical and emotional labor of sex work; expenses and finances of an escort; getting flewed out; FOSTA/SESTA; project protection; sex, love, and dating as a professional companion, catching feelings for clients and much more!
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Opening: “Queen S%!T” by SheReal
Fuck That: “Keeping it Cool Witchu” Chhoti Maa

End: “Yeah Yeah” Abstract Fish Co

Scissorhands Sam

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