6: Black LGBT Greeks


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Tori of Phi Nu Kappa Sorority Inc joins Akua and Sam to discuss what its like to be apart of a LGBTQ non collegiate Greek organization

Bae(s) of The Week: Kayvis D, Hilary J, Jay H, Yewande A, Latinos who Lunch. and Latinos Out Loud

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Self Care Tips: Delete what doesn’t serve you and consume things that make you feel good.

Fuck It (Topic of the Day): LGBT Sorority and Fraternity Organizations with Tori Kendall. Points of Discussion Include: Phi Nu Kappa Sorority Inc, Alpha Psi Kappa Fraternity Inc, Alpha Omega Kappa Fraternity, Kappa Iota Sigma , The Divine Nine, Non Collegiate Organizations, demographics, pledging later in life, community service, cultivating space spaces, parties, dating within your greek party, drinking in your letters, how black folks perceive greek life, burning sands and perceptions on hazing, and how to know if Greek life is a fit for you


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