Inner Work 041: Trauma, Family Legacy, and Healing with Irit Schaffer


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Inner Work 041 features guest Irit Schaffer, a physical therapist, healer, and author based in California. Irit is the daughter of Holocaust survivors and author of the memoir, Good Blood: A Journey of Healing. In this episode, Irit and I talk about her book and this concept of "good blood" that allowed her parents to survive and overcome horrific circumstances. We explore the role "good blood" has played in her own life, the new things she discovered about herself and her background through the writing process, and the lessons she learned about resilience, healing, courage, and hope from her family. Ultimately, the episode's message is about infinite possibility and how we can heal and regenerate ourselves from wherever we currently are, regardless of what has happened in the past. Join us!

To learn more about Irit, her book, and her work, visit her website.

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