Inner Work 069: Manifesting Through the Akashic Records with Serena Curran


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Serena Curran is an Akashic Records reader who empowers service-based entrepreneurs to quickly produce greater income, impact, and growth in their businesses. Through harnessing their Manifesting Archetypes, clients report experiencing immediate results such as promptly doubling income, receiving synchronistic opportunities, changing strategy and/or business model resulting in earning more money with less effort.

In this interview, we talk about Serena's unique process of manifestation and how the Akashic Records can help you uncover your Manifesting Archetypes & Manifesting Keys.

To learn more about Serena and her work, you can visit her online. For a free consult with Serena, go here. You can also download Serena's 7 Ways to Bust Through Your Upper Limits.

To connect with me (Josephine!), visit me online at Purefield. I offer Akashic Records readings, Sacred Soul Work readings, and intuitive healing to women all over the world.

Thank you so much for listening, and please keep doing your inner work!

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