348: Celebrity Spirit Interview With Ruth Bader Ginsburg


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Ambrosia and Alexa connect with the spirit of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, associate justice of the Supreme Court, and receive her amazing insight on women's rights, the environment, the future of our government, her opinion on her replacement, the foundation of a beautiful relationship and more! **** Follow us on Instagram: www.instagram.com/innerbloompodcast Check out our new yearlong coaching program for spiritual entrepreneurs, Effort Over Impact: https://www.innerbloompodcast.com/impact-over-effort **** Our January Masterclass with Lila Veronica "Embodying Wealth: How to Feel Rich & Manifest Your Dream Life Without Working Too Hard" is coming up on January 14th at 8pm EST! Join our Patreon at any tier to attend: www.patreon.com/innerbloompodcast **** **** Check out our new merch! https://www.innerbloompodcast.com/shop **** Join our FREE 7 Day Fun Challenge! https://www.innerbloompodcast.com/7-day-fun-challenge **** Connect with the Arcturians through our private membership community: www.patreon.com/innerbloompodcast **** Follow us on Youtube to check out our Alien / Light Code Activation video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaO7t6VtOA6tEoaxLy_6ZlA ******* For private EFT sessions with Alexa: www.alexasoothes.com For private psychic readings with Ambrosia: www.ambrosiamatthews.com **** Uplevel your nutrition with our Purium superfood products! Use code BLOOM to get 25% off your order: ishoppurium.com/products/ultimate…le-transformation

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