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It’s episode 300 of the InnovaBuzz podcast and we wanted to celebrate with something special. A huge thank you to all the amazing guests that have been on previous podcast episodes. You make this such an amazing show and it's a very special privilege to be able to speak with you, learn from you, laugh with you and then to share your insights and wisdom with all our listeners.

George Bryant of GB Masterminds and The Lighthouse Marketing Method first appeared on the InnovaBuzz Podcast in Episode 226. You can find out more about George there and his philosophy of human-centered marketing.

George is committed to help you ethically scale your business by showing you that relationships beat algorithms. In this milestone episode, George honors us by sharing so much more about his expertise and marketing know-how.

In our discussion, George and I talked about:

  • Really understanding each customer's own journey
  • The role of empathy in human-centered marketing
  • Working on yourself first

Listen to the podcast to learn more.

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