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In this episode, I’m really excited to have as my guest, Patty Block of the Block Group. Patty founded The Block Group to empower women business owners who are experts in their fields. Her life journey - the good and the bad - allows her to course-correct clients by leading and advising with compassion, empathy and quiet resolve. The result is a partnership of unbiased accountability, helping women position their companies financially, operationally, and technologically for game-changing results.

Patty raised three fantastic kids, all of whom have launched their careers and also work in Patty’s company. Clients often refer to her as their “business therapist” and “secret weapon.” By establishing long-term relationships and serving as a strategic sounding board, clients experience direct benefits to create real and lasting change, turning roadblocks into building blocks..

In our discussion, Patty talked to me about:

• Differentiating between buyers and clients

• How to establish the value of services

• Being the guide for the buyers' journey

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