Series Spotlight: Revolutionizing GRC with 6clicks: Part 4 - Producing Audit-Ready Report with 6clicks Pixel Perfect™


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Welcome to this special podcast series, Series Spotlight: Revolutionizing GRC with 6clicks, sponsored by 6clicks. This week I visit with Joe Schorr, Vice President (VP) of Global Channel Sales, Andrew Robinson, co-founder and Chief Information Security Officer, Stephen Walter, head of Marketing, Dr. Heather Buker, Chief Technology Officer, and Ant Stevens, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. Over the series, we will break down 6ckicks Hub and Spoke approach, utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning in governance, risk and compliance (GRC), curating and maintaining a robust GRC content, producing audit ready reports, and look at what’s next for 6clicks down the road. In Part 4, I am joined by 6clicks Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Heather Buker and we take up producing an audit-ready report with 6clicks Pixel Perfect™.

Buker is the transitional resource who takes the engineering and tech part of the 6clicks solution and puts it into a workable solution for customers. She says of herself, “you can see me, affectionately, as a translator if you will of the product and functionality and how that translates to business use cases, value propositions and things that clients really care about.” She went on to note, “functionality is only as good as the value proposition that it serves. I am here to make sure that those two things meet. I’m kind of the bridge.”

The problem that the 6clicks Pixel Perfect™ helps solve is repeatability. As Buker explained, “The more we can make GRC processes repeatable, even when it comes to reporting, the easier our platform will be to use and the more widely adopted we can become. To solve for this in the reporting world, we decided to automate report generation.” I asked her for an example, and she said, “6clicks Pixel Perfect™ can take a completed PCI DSS assessment and return Section Six of the report on compliance, filled out an audit ready.” This means a template mandated by the Security Standards Council to drive this functionality and ensure the report is ready to be submitted and properly formatted when generated. All an organization has to do is complete their PCI assessment and the platform will perform our “6clicks magic on the other side and deliver the PCI form from those assessment results minus all of the hassle. We are talking hours upon hours of time savings for QSAs merchants and others on their engagements.”

We concluded with some of Buker’s thoughts on how multiple stakeholders can use the information that 6clicks Pixel Perfect™ solution creates, up and down the chain in an organization, literally from the technical folks on the front lines up to the Board of Directors. She emphasized “what this functionality has to be, has to be up and down, high level, low level, right to Board members who have their monthly meeting or senior management that maybe, managing multiple projects across various lines of business. They don’t always know what they’re looking at when they look at some of these low-level risk, detailed reports or even data in general. We must make it digestible for them. We have to make it meaningful for them. We have to be able to produce reports and analytics at a really high level.”

Join us tomorrow where we conclude our series by visiting with company co-founder Ant Stevens as we explore what’s next for 6clicks.

For more information on 6clicks, check out their website here.

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