#007: Autism and the Untapped Potential /w Rebecca Beam & Chad Hahn


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This episode talks to two of the founding members (Rebecca Beam & Chad Hahn) of Auticon. Auticon is an international technology consulting company, that exclusively employs adults on the autism spectrum as IT consultants. Of the 200 people employed there, around 150 are on the autism spectrum. auticon’s concept has been acknowledged internationally and has received numerous awards with Sir Richard Branson being on of auticon’s most prominent investors.

We look at the untapped potential of autism and some of the misconceptions and challenges surrounding it, as well as where people on the spectrum outperform neurologically typical individuals.

We also answer why not more companies are hiring people on the spectrum and move towards a more neurodiverse workforce and how auticon employs these individuals to solve some of the most complex problems for their clients. And finally, this interview makes the case for why hiring neurodiverse people will be the next big wave of innovation.

In this episode we will answer some of the following questions:

  • What misconceptions there are surrounding autism and what misconception’s Rebecca had when she took on the role as the CEO of auticon US
  • Where autists outperform neurologically typical employees and what types of challenges they face
  • How auticon employs autistic individuals to solve some of the most complex problems for their clients and how they provide them with cutting-edge solutions
  • What auticon‘s training process for people on the spectrum looks like
  • What accommodations need to be made for people on the spectrum and how companies need to change their interview and hiring process to employ a more neurodivese workforce
  • What intelligence agencies and large corporations around the world already have neurodiverse programs and how they are leveraging people with disabilities for their purpose
  • Why not more companies are hiring people on the spectrum
  • How companies need to stop focusing solely on social skills and experience during their hiring process
  • Why people on the spectrum produce better managers and in some cases are better managers themselves
  • Why every company should employ neurodiverse talents and what recommendations my guests have for companies wanting to employ a more neurodiverse workforce
  • And finally, why this area will be the next big wave of innovation.

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