#011: Why a CEO Stepped Down so an Intern Could Take Over /w Hermann Arnold


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In 2013 Herrmann Arnold (at that time CEO and shareholder of Haufe-umantis AG) voluntarily stepped down as a CEO and appointed a former intern for the CEO position, because he was convinced that he wasn‘t the right person to continue the next growth stage of his company. Many would view this as a colossal failure. Why the exact opposite is true, is something we discuss at length in this episode.

In this episode we will answer some of the following questions:

  • Why my guest voluntarily stepped down as a CEO in order to give a former intern his position
  • How his successor and customers reacted to this decision
  • How a manager recognizes the point where he or she is not the right person anymore to continue to lead the company
  • What it felt like coming back to the company and working under the new CEO
  • How he handled the conflict of his successor implementing his ideas with success
  • Why more companies should think about limiting the terms of their CEOs
  • What he learned from letting his employees vote for managers and why he believes this might not be the solution for the future

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