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This week, being no different from previous weeks, the boys kick the episode off with "Insert Questions Here", well... Just the one question, and it's all about cancelled TV shows. It spawns quite a bit of content and, as per usual, Ron struggles with it. - They're all over the place this week, mainly because Ron's brain is in shenanigan mode, waiting to hit the pub. - Ron goes on a rant about changing characters origins, and they move swiftly to the fashion of old men. - Luke adorns his sweet flesh with a blazer to hit up Timberluke's News, which includes the standalone Joker movies we'll see in the future. - The trio of geniuses come up with a PERFECT synopsis for a new Hitman movie... They verbally copyrighted it, so let that be known. - In typical Insert Name Here fashion, the boys forget what day the episode comes out, think they're live, and advertise Prime Day, but you can still go to and click the BRAND NEW button on the homepage, get yourself some extra goodies. - Ron corrects a previous mistake with the competition end date, which is officially 21.07.18 (this Saturday). - Toby catches up on Uncharted 4, and the one after and let's you know what's up with Fortnite season 5, Luke makes his first fart noise. - Toby is still suffering, so if you have a movie or a game you want to recommend to him, head over to our twitter @nameherecast ( and give him something to do. - The boys leave a beautiful treat, as standard, at the end of the outro, Marvel style.

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