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This week on Insert Name Here, let's start off with an apology. Ron sounds muffled this week, the boys don't know what happened, but unfortunately they found out too late to fix it. Hopefully it won't bug you too much. - They begin by repeating jokes, that may or may not have been funny the first time round, let's hope it's improved by the second go. - Moving directly into questions, they choose which they'd prefer to be bitten by, a Vampire, a Werewolf or a radioactive insect, and as they do, Toby and Luke confuse Ron. - They then discuss which conventions they've been to, and those they'd like to go to. Toby meets short celebrities, and falls on David Boreanaz. - They give each other a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle character and compliments, back-handed or not, are given. - Ron holds himself accountable, hoping the Heroes will help, by talking about a challenge his good lady has set him to not eat meat on weekdays for the rest of August, updates are sure to follow. So, if you see him eating meat and it's not the weekend, go give him some guff. - He then moves on to talk about the new South Park: Fractured But Whole DLC, "Bring the Crunch!", Luke and Tobe are probably shocked by how much he talks about it, especially seeing as he only played for 30 minutes. - Luke brings up the "open letter" from the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy to James Gunn, and they are unanimous in that they don't believe he should've been fired. - They then move on to movies by talking about the new Venom trailer, followed by Luke's trip to see Incredibles 2. - Tobe brings it to television and talks about "Last Man On Earth", so Ron dives in with "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia". Luke then angers Toby by bringing up Mass Effect: Andromeda... Sorry, just Andromeda... - On the subject of games, Luke and Ron reminisce about the time they played Hatoful Boyfriend together, ending in a pretty "squawk-ward" mention of Toby not having any friends. - Toby brings it all together by talking about the Netflix recommended "Zoo", and Ron reads what it's all about on the show. - Don't forget to rate and review, subscribe on whatever podcast app you use, and head over to and use their Amazon link for all your shopping needs.

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