2 Die 2 Hard


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This week is kicked off with some behind the scenes conversation about a device to help you put your socks on, the boys may take the mickey a little. Then they lead in to questions... - Questions are started with a riddle, which will teach the boys not to make fun of "easy" questions. We find out that Luke can only travel north, and then the trio name their own alcoholic drinks. - What universe would they want to, or not want to, live in? Find out this week. As the question is similar to a previous one, they decide not to include video game universes. - Luke asks the other two what their hidden gem games are, as they only did movies and TV shows previously. Luke gets personal with Ron. - Toby asks Luke and Ron what is the worst video game they've paid full price for, that was super hyped up, which leads to Ron unleashes his hatred for Destiny. Toby and Ron gang up on Luke about inverted look controls. - Luke and Ron bring back the GTA conversation, but let it rest in peace after being burned too many times by the new online missions. They search the web for the resolution of the Mt. Chiliad mystery. - Luke brings the upcoming Spiderman game for PS4 and its DLC. Then he leads the boys down the Streets of Rage... 4. - Cyberpunk 2077 makes a comeback, but Luke doesn't want to defend it again, so cuts Tobe off and refuses to let him speak. They slate it anyway. - The boys discuss the DC subscription service and reveal a Tweet from Tobe about the disappointing news. - To finish the episode off, all three head to A Quiet Place and spoil the movie passionately. - If you want to contact the boys, you can head over to insertnameherecast.com, or find them here: Instagram: @insertnameherecast Facebook: facebook.com/insertnameherecast Twitter: @nameherecast Email: insertnameherecast@gmail.com - If you'd like to help out the show, you can head the boys Amazon UK affiliate link and do your usual Amazon shopping here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/?tag=insertnameher-21&linkCode=ez or through their homepage.

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