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Before we give you a descriptive break down of the episode, the boys would like to apologise for the audio quality this week. They didn't have their usual equipment and had to make do with using the microphone built in to the laptop. We hope it isn't too much of a struggle to get through, but as you'll see now, the content SHOULD make up for it. - As the episode begins, Tobe and Luke make it clear that recording on the release day of Spider-Man was not ideal, and they want to go home and play. Ron hadn't downloaded it. - Questions take them out of their need for Spider-Man as they're asked if they starred in, or directed, a pornographic movie what would the name be? This quickly turns into a pun-off. - Then they discuss where they would be positioned in a Human Centipede situation. So expect some pretty gross conversation during this question. - Luke Cage season 2 is briefly detailed by Luke, we bet you can't guess where he lands on it? - They talk trailers, after missing the opportunity to talk about Predator last week, and Luke mentions the new Halloween trailer. - More puns. - Captain Marvel news is discussed, and Ron chooses the worst week to eat crisps on the mic. He assures us he's sorry now, but would you believe him? - They then move on to the announcement of who will be playing Geralt of Rivia, from Witcher. More puns to follow. - Luke talks "A Hat in Time", while Ron accidentally googles images of the PC mods, instead of actual images. Ron talks "The Escapists" again, and what a bargain they were. Toby goes "Into The Breach" and gets strategic. - More puns. - The boys get serious and talk Island Con dropouts, from American Pie to Sean Astin, no one is safe. - Luke, like a hero, strides in to the end of the episode with a Star Wars edition of "Insert Fake Name Here" and Toby and Ron go head-to-head. Who will be triumphant? - **** Find our Amazon link here on the homepage, and all the links you could possibly need. - Instagram: @insertnameherecast Facebook: Twitter: @nameherecast Email:

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