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Questions start the show as usual, and this week we find out what TV show or Movie the boys would change, and how. This question is answered by a listener who has no question of their own, and we appreciate it. Ron struggles to defend The Walking Dead. - Toby brings some movie trivia, and Luke still doesn't know the Facebook address (which you will find below, or hear in the show). - They all then decide which 80's/90's action movie star would work as a myriad of different superheroes, which leads to some fun photoshop from Ron, you can find their final list with pictures on their blog page over at - Tom Holland joins the boys in the studio, but only briefly as he's busy spoiling movie plots. Is Henry Cavill still Superman? Is he not? The boys still aren't sure. - There's a deep discussion on what should be done with the current DC movie universe. - If they could live off of one meal to sustain them what would they choose? You will hear on this episode, right before they talk bizarre food combinations. (Special shout outs to Huel and Bloody Hell Hot Sauce). - Tina and Derek make another surprise appearance, and Ron hits rock bottom. But is raised back up again when Luke and Toby bring some steaming hot Nintendo news. Trailers are discussed for future Switch releases - Ron and Tobe gush over Animal Crossing. - They move swiftly on to discuss their adventures in New York dressed in a tight costume and shooting sticky white webbing everywhere with Spider-Man for PS4. Does Ron accidentally tease a new logo? Who knows, probably not... - Finally, they talk Batman Day at their local Comic Book shop, Fantastic Store, and talk about people on Social Media causing a guest to back out of Island Con. - Tickets for Island Con can be purchased at (not the random web address that Ron gives out on the episode). - Facebook - Instagram - @insertnameherecast Twitter - @nameherecast Email -

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