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This week is kicked off with the boys talking about the trophies they would keep if they were serial killers, and what they would be named. - Predator is talked about once more, briefly, but not as brief as Ron would like. Fart noises ahoy! - 16-bit and above retro games, what would your favourite be? The boys discuss MANY titles, but there are many more to give love to. Let us know. - Rapidly following that, there are Dad jokes and self-deprecation, but then serial killers are dragged back in to the conversation when they discuss who their favourite is. Tobe goes for facts, Luke goes for fame and Ron goes for freak. - Cats vs. Dogs - which is more badass? - After calming down, they discuss what Marvel superhero they would hang out with, and it turns into a bit of a sausage-fest. - Ever wanted a sequel to Space Jam? Well, now is your lucky day as the guys talk it over while finding out that spacejam.com still exists and looks 90's as all hell! - Still not had enough sequel talk? Zombieland 2, baby. This leads to the question - are Zombies over? - Batman Damned from the DC Black Label is released, then recalled after a wardrobe malfunction in the Dark Knights knickers. Other DC issues are discussed. - The studio is filled with romance after a fleeting moment between Luke and Toby. - They fold the universe and answer Toby's question from last week. Another excuse to come up with punny names, then the Captain Marvel trailer is mediocrely talked over. - Red Dead online news, along with bighead mode, but not all is easy when Ron threatens Rockstar Games. - Brief update from Tobe on his New York adventure as the quippy Spider-Teen, Ron and Luke are bored of side-missions. - All neatly finished up with Disney owning X-Men, the Playstation Classic mini and what games they would like to see on it. - insertnameherecast.com Facebook: facebook.com/insertnameherecast Instagram: @insertnameherecast Twitter: @nameherecast Email: insertnameherecast@gmail.com

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