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This week there's a shift in dynamic as Luke is away and a guest (resident question Sheriff, Dan) enters the studio - it's like there's two Ron's. - They kick the week off as they almost always do with questions, and one comes in from a very famous celebrity that we're assuming is currently on tour, which is "Who should replace Henry Cavill?" - They move swiftly on to what game makes them rage the most and the ridiculous things they've done during said rage, but then calm down by talking about their favourite toy lines. Ron gushes about Idol.Mind (@Idol.Mind on Instagram). - Toby and Dan try their damnedest to list off the original Transformers, and float down a river of nostalgia, then struggle to name the Ghostbusters (Ban Aykroyd). - The Black Mirror "pig intercourse to save a Princess" scenario is pondered, and should Gambit be a Romantic Comedy? - They try to stay on topic while they talk about the Dark Phoenix trailer, but fail miserably as they can't seem to stay away from The Krankies. - Things come crashing down as the demise of Telltale Games is discuss. RIP Telltale. - They stay on point with the next trailer, Bumblebee, and once again, Transformers are listed. Sticking with trailers, they talk Creed 2. - Cheeky bit of Cosby. - The entire episode is wrapped up in an unconventional way with a sneaky ending question, but don't think they're done, because there is a little bit of extra content after the "credits", Marvel style. - Want to contact the boys? Here's where you can find them: Facebook: Instagram: @insertnameherecast Twitter: @nameherecast Email: Web:

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