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On this weeks episode, the boys are VERY sociable, they start to talk to you, the listeners as they start the show with Insert Questions Here. They start off with the subject of lies.


Who are the boys animated crushes? Well, you're in luck, they discuss in a very respectable fashion who they would've loved to know "Biblically" from cartoons, or animations.


A regular Hero asks the trio where they think The Walking Dead is going? Then move on with the news that James Gunn will be working on Suicide Squad 2. Two of the guys talk about Iron Fist being cancelled, and Ron switches off.


More Red Dead Redemption conversation, and they wish they could promise you that it's the last time, then Luke has a stroke maybe? The discussion moves over to streaming games, then straight back to Red Dead.


Horror movies wrap up this episode with what Luke has been watching in the lead up to Halloween, and he mentions the new Netflix movie "Apostle".


If you would like to ask your own question, give the boys a topic to talk about, or just let them know what you think of them, then you can find them here...


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