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Just Ron and Luke this week and they kick things off with one of their favourite holidays of the whole year, then roll in to questions.


Would they prefer to be completely hairless, or covered head-to-toe in hair? Have they ever given anything up for Lent, successful or otherwise? If they could change their name, what would they decide on? Find out the answers to all these beauties by listening in.


News is jam packed this week, as the boys double-team it. Here's what they discuss:

Shazam trailer 2,

Spielberg's beef with Netflix over the Oscars,

Brightburn trailer 2,

Rage 2: Wasteland Superhero trailer,


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney,

Suicide Squad 2 rumours and speculation,

Nintendo Labo VR kit.


During the news, Ron gets busy making things weird, gets distracted by a fly and forget how to talk. Basically there's no change.


They finish things off with what they've been watching and what they've been playing, here's what they've been up to:

The Division 2 Beta,

Pokémon Snap,

Banjo Kazooie,

Russian Doll,

Red Dead Redemption 2,

ToeJam and Earl: Back In The Groove.


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