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On this weeks episode, the boys talk about having a cup of Joe with Joe on National Joe Day, then they dive head first into Questions.


They're asked what their favourite cars that have been in movies are, whether or not entertainers like YouTubers should take responsibility for their influence on children and what the hardest game they've ever completed is.


Luke breaks out the news with these beauties:

Google Stadia,

Nintendo Nindies,

Sony news,

Stranger Things 3,

Toy Story 4,

The 'Judgement' voice actor getting judged for drug use,

Bill and Ted (old) face the music,

And JK Rowling ad her imaginary characters having unwritten passion.


The boys release a competition, and you can win a sweet Darth Vader statue if you head to their facebook and keep and keep an eye on their posts.


What they've been watching and playing is light this week but Ron cracks a game, then everything ends with him questioning the other two about their private parts.


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