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This week after mistakes are admitted, the boys get started with a very "Happy Pig In A Blanket Day" to one another and then introduce themselves and a guest.


Questions are minimal this week with just the one sent in, but luckily Dan the guest brings another. They are asked: "Who would you have to voice your Sat-Nav?" and "What's your favourite post-credit scene?".


Tangents-a-plenty this week but after Aliens are discussed and the fleeting belief that they've ever visited, or ever will, they dig straight in to news. This week they talk about:

Swamp Thing trailer,

Hobbs and Shaw trailer,

Child's Play trailer,

PS5 and other next generation consoles,

China finally releases the Nintendo Switch,

Joker of Persona 5 fame in Smash Bros. Ultimate and it's level editor, which leads to CGI Con as Smash is a sore spot for Ron.


After the meaty news section they talk about what they've been watching and/or playing. Here's what they've been up to:

Back to Breaking Bad,

Pet Sematary,

Shazam - Dan agrees with Luke.

Eternal Sonata,

Strange Brigade,

Zombie Driver,

Classic Contra,

Mega Drive Collection,

Still Breath of the Wild,

Finished Sabrina season 2,

John Wick 2,

Star Trek Discovery,

The Good Place.


Listen in after the Outro for an Easter eating challenge.


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