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1. INTRO This morning we are excited to chat with a designer friend of ours, Mitzi Beach who is not only an award-winning designer but also an author and lifestyle specialist. She has a new book out called “Design Smarts, Inspiration for Home & Life” and so we are pleased to welcome her to the show to talk all about her new book.

2. A LITTLE BACKGROUND Even though Mitzi lives in Ohio now, we literally bump into each other at various events whether it be Highpoint Furniture Market or the Design Influencers Conference. Social media allows us to keep in touch and support one another. We were happy to contribute to Mitzi’s first book – Boomer Smarts.

Mitzi is the Queen of that elite club knows as 050 – over 50 and how to design accordingly. She’s taught us many things about designing expertly and beautifully for the older crowd – small design choices that we never would have thought of. For all us even if you’re only in your thirties or forties – it’s something to plan for - after all, by the year 2030, over 40% of Americans will be past the half-century mark – think about that!

3. THE BOOK A. What made you want to write a 2nd book? B. “Wellness” is a big buzz word right now but you’ve been a living example of wellness in design especially for the aging population for a long time. How do you differentiate yourself? C. You break your book down into segments – S.M.A.R.T.S – Can we briefly discuss each one and how they relate to design? i. Spaces ii. Mindsets iii. Attitudes iv. Routines v. Togetherness vi. Spiritual


A. What are (5) simple, smart things that designers and homeowners can do to their homes now in preparation for the 050 years?

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