Why Buy Original Art?


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We are big admirers of original art. Our goal is to incorporate at least one special piece in each of our projects as it really completes a custom design.

To own an original piece of art is really an honor. We are going to talk about the misconceptions, benefits and what it means to own an original piece. We’ll also fill you in on our favorite artists.


A. It is only for the wealthy

i. There are so many emerging artists whose pieces are extremely reasonable. You don’t have to buy a huge painting. You can start small or create a gallery of “littles”

ii. There are plenty of people who buy art as an investment, but there are certainly a lot of us who buy for the sheer pleasure!

B. Art galleries are snobby and intimidating

i. We learned that this is very untrue. Our experience with Donna Krueger of DK Gallery in Marietta, GA.

C. I can only purchase from an art gallery

i. In our social media world, in particular, Instagram, you can find all kinds of artists with different price ranges. Artists are general not good at promoting themselves or good marketers, so this is a huge benefit for them.

ii. There are great craft fairs and markets that sell original art. It’s a great time to talk to the artist as well and learn more about them. When you purchase the piece, you also have a story to tell and a memory behind it.

D. Anybody can paint a piece of abstract art

i. I have to laugh when people see an abstract piece of art and say “I could do that” or a Kindergartner could do that”. It may look easy, but trust us, there are a lot of layers and talent that go into an abstract piece. Just try it, you’ll see.


A. It establishes the personality of a room

B. It’s one of a kind

C. It looks different than a mass-produced piece

D. There is an emotional element. You hear people say “that piece really spoke to me”. This is a real thing.

E. You can commission a piece to get exactly what you want.

i. You see a piece you like but want the size or colors tweaked. Most artists will do commissions.



i. Kristen Blakeney – landscape and abstract on canvas, oil and ink on paper, nudes

ii. Erin McIntosh – colorful shapes/geometry on canvas, paper and “littles”

iii. Kay Flierl – Colorful barns on canvas, did a large commission for us (48” x 60”)

iv. Laura Park – Bright, colorful abstracts, has taken her designs to create wallpaper, pillows, fabric and home décor

v. Kathy Cousart – previous golf coach at the University of Georgia, paints landscapes and florals with softness and grace, also UGA paintings

B. ANNE IRWIN FINE ART – anneirwinfineart.com

i. Gary Bodner – practiced medicine in Atlanta specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology, now retired and devoting himself to painting full time. His work consists of mixed media, strong and colorful with an expressionistic style.

ii. Erin Gregory – Colorful, beautiful florals is what she is known for (we have one hanging in our office), but also branching out to painting figures and landscapes

C. DK GALLERY – MARIETTA, GA – dkgallery.us

i. Susan Eastern Burns – amazing animals, horses in particular that are colorful and full of movement.

ii. Holly Irwin – elegant drawings of women in beautiful dresses. She grew up as the daughter of a fashion illustrator.

iii. Dirk Walker – a top urban landscape artist in the Southeast. Pieces such as the Fox Theater, city skylines and many landmarks in Birmingham where he lives. A special commission was created for us for the Cartersville Magnolia Show House.


i. Steve Penley – we’ve used his work in many of our projects. His work consists of bold brush strokes, vivid colors and icon paintings. To name a few, The Statue of Liberty, Coca-Cola, several Presidents, and the American Flag. He has donated countless painting to charities and organizations in the state of Georgia. He donated a Coca Cola Painting to our UMCH project. His works are exhibited worldwide.

ii. Kim Schuessler – She illustrates couples dancing, families celebrating and friends standing together. Using paper, paint and stenciled words and letters with her figures, she creates gorgeous and complex collages. In February of this year Spanx featured her as on of Sara Blakely’s favorite artists and put her work on 3 limited edition bras. Kelly has a commissioned piece she had done for her husband.

iii. Taylor Cox - A young Atlanta artist we met through Instagram. We never realized she lived in Atlanta, actually a short distance from our office. She has worked on several commissions for us and is constantly growing as an artist. She turns brushstrokes into beautiful scenes.

iv. Windy O’Connor – abstract painter who uses varying degrees of textures and thicknesses. She has an incredible selection of wallpapers you can see on her site windyoconnor.net

v. Jay Scott – His art is very contemporary artist with a strong emphasis on texture. He is known for his very soft paintings with lots of layers and textures. He is amazing because his talents are so varied. He has done a lot of work for us and can do anything we ask of him. We have a beautiful painting in our office that he created for us. It’s a Charleston home with a glass coating and hints of swarovksi crystals are seen when the light hits it a certain way. He has helped us with many pieces for the charities we work with.

vi. Mari Robeson – marirobesonhome.com – launching a new podcast in September called Love Lou Lou Podcast featuring artists - she does incredible colorful illustrations that can be purchased on her website. She wrote a book last year that I absolutely love called Charming and Pretty – The Art of Home – fully illustrated hardback book broken down by months and rooms sharing her personal stories as a mother and a designer and ideas how to create a beautiful home. A perfect gift for anyone who loves their home, design, décor and art. Perfect for a daughter, sister, friend, and bride-to-be.


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