Sunday, January 26, 2020: Trump's Defense Takes Over in the Impeachment Trial (Part 2)


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**PART TWO OF A SPECIAL EXTENDED EDITION OF "INSIDE POLITICS"** The president's legal team takes the floor in the impeachment trial - opening with a barrage against the Democratic prosecution. House prosecutors used their three days to methodically detail the damning evidence of the president pushing Ukraine to help his re-election prospects, and stonewalling Congress when it asked for documents and witnesses for the impeachment inquiry. Whether minds are changing on the Senate floor is the big question - and a decisive test will be when senators vote later this week on whether to allow new witnesses and documents. Plus, the 2020 campaign - the first votes are just days away, and new polls in Iowa and New Hampshire send a clear message. Today's guests: CNN's Abby Phillip; Julie Pace of the Associated Press; Maggie Haberman, Michael Shear, and Lisa Lerer of the New York Times; and Paul Kane and Seung Min Kim of the Washington Post. Plus analysis from CNN legal experts Michael Gerhardt and Ross Garber. via Knit

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