Ross Geller and Marie Curie are Outsiders


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The TV show Friends was king of primetime for a decade and while all six characters were ‘friends’ one of them was not like the others: Ross. We look at why he was such a poor fit with this group and what that means for real life scientists. Marie Curie studied at the Sorbonne. She discovered Polonium and Radium. Eventually she became the first woman to win a Nobel Prize. All that makes her a unique character. We go to Poland to discover what else made her an outsider. Host Dan Riskin confronts his own reality as an Outsider while also drawing comfort from the realization that that distinction puts him in some esteemed company. And we visit with Dr Wayne Lautt from SciMar. He is disrupting a paradigm, changing the way we think about type 2 diabetes. Specifically, he is looking at the liver and hormone that comes from there, as something that can improve our sensitivity to insulin.

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