Ready to Run (2000)


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Corrie wants to be a jockey. She loves horses, her dad was a jockey, and she has LA CONFIANZA DE LOS CABALLOS or- HORSE CONFIDENCE (!!??!). She can communicate with horses. What's a girl with horse sense to do when there's already a DCOM called Horse Sense? She better get Ready to Run because now's her chance to rehabilitate a horse called TJ who's been deemed a dud by the villainest horse owner there ever was. Never fear, they sprinkle in a whackadoo free spirit clown rider and a few other sassy horses to round out the cast and have us forget that horse racing was the devil in the ~other~ Horse Sense just a few films earlier. What is the truth!? Which early 2000s jam would get you Ready to Run? Tell us @ITDVPodcast!


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