#157 - For Your Twenties w/ Anna Rodin


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In this episode, I talk to Anna Rodin. She’s a nonfiction author, yoga teacher, and wellness enthusiast. Her upcoming book to be released on January 2023 is called “For Your Twenties”.

We talk about the struggles of people in their 20s, the process of publishing your book, yoga poses at home, and so much more.

Show Notes:

  • (01:30): Wellness, and writing
  • (03:03): Struggles in your 20s
  • (11:05): Importance of communication
  • (19:39): Yoga workouts and poses at home
  • (30:50): Interest in writing
  • (36:25): Marketing and promoting your book
  • (44:02): Unexpected support from people


“You just have to go in and do your best.” - Anna

“People are always much more supportive than you expect them to be.”

“Social media is something that needs to be utilized. It's a new marketing tool” - Anna

“Everyone wants to support you and wants to be with you on it.” - Anna

“Imposter syndrome is something that so many of us deal with, so people get it, people can appreciate doing something and taking on a big goal like because they are probably struggling with it themselves in some capacity.” - Anna

“I have always loved writing ever since I was young.” - Anna

“Writing a book is learning how to tell stories in kind of an informative way.” - Anna

“Reading is still the fastest way to consume something because you can scan you can go through.” - Misbah

“When you're forced to slow down, you have to pay attention to what is going through your mind, whether you like it or not.” - Anna

“20s is a time of our life where so much is changing at the same time, whether we're in school or not, we're figuring out what we like in terms of career, we're probably in and out of relationships, we're moving cities, it's just everything is kind to GO GO GO!” - Anna

👋🏽 Connect with Anna:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thisisforyourtwenties/
Website: https://foryourtwenties.mailchimpsites.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/annasrodin/
Book: “For Your Twenties” Book Release Jan 2023

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