031 - Conversations With Some of My White Friends


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I must look.

“To avoid pain is to avoid growth and challenge and to avoid looking is to lose an opportunity for empathy and to avoid looking is also to avoid being authentic in my emotional responses to racism.” ~Lisa Lackey

A teachable moment...

“While my intentions were good & my heart was in the right place. I unfortunately made a thousand errors in facilitating that conversation. And I'm very grateful to my students because it opened up a real, really uncomfortable conversation that continued with two classes. I was confronted with my own white privilege, white superiority, white fragility.” ~Joyce Marter

Consider the motivation driving your work in becoming anti racist

“I think when you talk about white feminists or white people in general, particularly women, I think we could be channeling our outrage about everything going on, maybe into racial justice. I do think there is, even an energy, that is about the energy of being part of this big movement.” ~Laura Tanner

Honestly, this is just a tiny, tiny tip of the iceberg of black people and white people having a conversation about racism. Insideout Conversations is committed to the messiness of healing & to the repair. We can deeply sabotage healing if we don’t trust the process of transformation.

We hope you will continue this conversation with your friends, with courage and honesty.


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If you are a white person, I want to leave you with this question:

How would you respond differently if George Floyd was your family member and he was just one of many that were murdered by the police ?been my son, my husband, my brother ?


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