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The Global Challenges Foundation inspired change agents worldwide to collaborate on a fresh strategy and approach for facing the biggest risk humanity faces. No group illustrates that better than impACT, a global network of social entrepreneurs who are combining their vision to achieve what most would prefer to think is impossible.

In this discussion with host Dawna Jones you will meet:

Matiullah, a visionary Afghan who believes in Entrepreneurship and social change,

A'laa, a young Lebanese entrepreneur on a social mission,

Nicole, a published author, social entrepreneur, co-founder of the impACT movement and guest expert on the topic of power dynamics in the international context at Freie University in Germany and,

Tobias whoworks as advisor innovation manager at GIZ, a German enterprise providing international cooperation and development services, while pursuing a startup that connects the private sector with academia. Views expressed are his own.

Together they share with you the origins of impACT and its role in offering a fresh narrative for young people infused with positive energy and hope through social entrepreneurship succeeding in different contexts world-wide, conflict, post-conflict and no conflict.

Less than a year old, imPACT is rapidly building momentum toward being a force in citizen engagement and in particular, in the role of entrepreneurs in to provide power to the people, especially minorities who are becoming role models for leadership. Diversity makes it work. For more info go to:

Host Dawna Jones designs change strategies that reach deep into intrinsic motivations to transform from one state to a higher state restoring ethical decisions and care for all life. #decisions #conscious leadership #transcendence

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