Samm Newton Exploring The Disconnect Between Humans and The Ocean


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How do we know what we know about the ocean? How do we assign value to the knowledge we are acquiring through science? How do we decide what scientific questions are valuable to prioritize and fund? As a Master’s candidate in the Environmental Arts and Humanities program, Samm Newton studies the relationship between advances in scientific technology and how we interact with and know our environment. Through a historical lens, she delves into asking how we have arrived at the knowledge we possess today. She considers how we might re-direct people’s attention to understand the importance of the ocean using art and interdisciplinary collaboration. Hosted by: Lauri Lutes and Lillian Padgitt-Cobb Please find us on social media! Twitter: facebook: Blog: Radio Station: Host University: This show was founded in 2012 by Joey Hulbert and Zhian Kamvar. It has been made possible by all the current and former hosts of the show, Orange Media Network, the KBVR-FM students and staff, and of course the amazing graduate students at Oregon State University.

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