DOES CBD OIL WORK??? And What You NEED to Know About It!!! Klee Irwin


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If you’ve ever wanted to feel better and breathe easier, then do we have the Pain Nation show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Klee Irwin, founder of Irwin Naturals, CEO & Chief Scientist for 15 years, the Founder and director of Quantum Gravity research, and the Author of a MUCH needed book on the truth about CBD, Pain Nation!

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about, about being sick, stressed and ALL F’d up, and whether CBD is the cure.

The “MIRACLE” of CBD OIL and Why You Need to Know About It!!!

  1. How did Klee Irwin get interested in consciousness?
  2. How did Klee Irwin end up working with Peter Diamindis, founder of the X-Prize?
  3. What does Quantum Gravity and Consciousness have to do with CBD?
  4. What’s the history of CBD oil and why was it made illegal???
  5. What is CBD is why is it so important for our bodies?
  6. Why is CBD touted as a “miracle” substance for the human body.
  7. What does CBD have to do with sacred geometry?
  8. What are cannabanoids and endocannabanoids?
  9. Why is CBD oil so powerful?
  10. How does CBD oil help with Cancer – in ways no pharmaceutical has been shown to???
  11. What has CBD oil been show to do with epilepsy?
  12. How are there over 22,000 studies on CBD oil?
  13. How long has it been studied?
  14. What do the studies show?
  15. How does CBD oil help with depression?
  16. How does CBD oil help calm us?
  17. How does CBD oil help with inflammation?
  18. What are the major challenges with CBD oil?
  19. What’s Irwin’s quest with CBD?
  20. How do we get the price down so it’s affordable for all?

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