7 STEPS TO AWAKEN YOUR (KUNDALINI) ENERGY!!! Plus a Guided Meditation! Dr. Sue Morter


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If you’ve ever wanted to Awaken Your Spirit and live your best life, then do we have the ENERGY CODES show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Dr. Sue Morter, international speaker, master of bioenergetic medicine, quantum field visionary, and the author of a brilliant new book, The Energy Codes.

And that’s just what I want to talk with her about, about a seven-step system to awaken your spirit, heal your body, and live your best life!

That plus we’ll talk about the danger of goop, glowing hands and tadpoles, Puttaparthi and Sai Baba, root locks and squeezing the heart, trap doors and B.E.S.T., who in the world is the clover lady, And what in the world jellyfish and emotions, have to do with anything!

Key Points Discussed:

  • What we can do to begin to reconnect with who we truly are (02:58)
  • Going through an existential dilemma and ending up in a darkened ballroom full of meditators (04:57)
  • Showing people how to access a deeper true sense of self so that they’re not on a continual process of searching (07:32)
  • Giving ourselves permission to embrace the wholeness that we already have (16:35)
  • What’s the quantum flip and can we do that with our own perception of ourselves? (18:03)
  • Our lives are a reflection of our energy and we should use our energy for productive things (22:57)
  • Increasing awareness of our body and biofield to increase awareness of our soulful selves (27:47)
  • We are the creative energy that flows through us (34:49)
  • The Feeling Code - The Language of the Soul (40:48)
  • How to access the subconscious beliefs that are slowing you down (44:11)
  • Leading with love and allowing love to be the dissolvent that interferes with obstacles in our lives (47:17)
  • What PH has to do with the chemical balance of the body (52:00)
  • The practice of walking in nature using the central channel breathing (55:15)

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